Johnny Munkhammar skrev på denna blogg från 2004 till sin död 2012. Bloggen är upprätthållen som ett minne och som referens till Johnnys arbete av Johnny Munkhammars minnesfond.

This blog was operated by Johnny Munkhammar from 2004 until 2012 when he passed away. This blog is now in a memorialized state and operated by the Johnny Munkhammar fund.
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2005-10-27 15:45:48
Prince of Subsidies? Today, the BBC have run a story over and over again about Prince Charles speaking about the importance of agriculture and the environment. A reporter who was obviously impressed by Royal glamour after having spent a couple of hours with the Prince, gave him all the credibility he could ever want. In particular, the Prince spoke about that we should do more to stop global warming and he was in general critical against society of today; we should slow down and go back to the countryside.

Now, this happened on the very day of the EU Summit - where the main topic, aside from the social model and reforms, will be the EU budget. The BBC themselves revealed that the story came as an effect of the Prince′s office giving them a call with the proposal to do this story. The main struggle in the budget debate will be the massive EU subsidies to agriculture versus the British rebate.

Is this a mere coincidence? The Prince of Wales makes a strong case for agriculture on the same day as this will be decided. Surely, it will if anything weaken the position of the British government, which wants to cut the subsidies. In that case, the Prince has undermined the government. It could of course also be pointed out that the British Royal family is one of the biggest recipients of agriculture subsidies in Europe...

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