Johnny Munkhammar skrev på denna blogg från 2004 till sin död 2012. Bloggen är upprätthållen som ett minne och som referens till Johnnys arbete av Johnny Munkhammars minnesfond.

This blog was operated by Johnny Munkhammar from 2004 until 2012 when he passed away. This blog is now in a memorialized state and operated by the Johnny Munkhammar fund.
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03/02/2007 4:19:25 pm
Economic Freedom - Stockholm, Wednesday. The 2007 Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage/Wall Steet Journal) has been presented in Hong Kong, which was the freest economy. On Wednesday, we will present it in Stockholm. There are a few seats left, read more here. (Attendants will get a copy of the 408-page publication and a CD.) Some more information about the 2007 Index in advance can be found here.

I have written Chapter 2, about the need for Labor Freedom in Europe. That is a new category in this year?s Index. The correlation between the degree of economic freedom and prosperity - and indeed between labor freedom and employment - is strong. Ther facts of the Index thus leads to obvious policy recommendations. In the case of Sweden, the main focus should be cutting taxes and public expenditure and de-regulate the labor market.

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