Johnny Munkhammar skrev på denna blogg från 2004 till sin död 2012. Bloggen är upprätthållen som ett minne och som referens till Johnnys arbete av Johnny Munkhammars minnesfond.

This blog was operated by Johnny Munkhammar from 2004 until 2012 when he passed away. This blog is now in a memorialized state and operated by the Johnny Munkhammar fund.
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14/08/2012 11:22:39 am
Johnny Munkhammar has left us

Almost three years ago, Johnny got a devastating phone call from his doctor: ?You have cancer?. With more energy, vivacity and spirit than anyone can imagine, he fought back.

Johnny was not used to losing, and he was not going to give in without a struggle. But yesterday, August 13th, the disease finally won, and Johnny sadly passed away.

Almost literally until he took his last breath, Johnny fought for freedom. As late as August 10th, he published an op-ed with Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg.

During his (almost) 38 years, Johnny accomplished at least twice as much as most people do in twice as long life spans. Not only did he write numerous books, give lectures to top decision makers around the world, and win a seat in the Swedish Riksdag.
He also started a lovely family, leaving his wife, Linda, and two wonderful daughters, Rebecka and Paulina, behind.

Johnny will be dearly missed by thousands of fans of liberty, by hundreds of friends and most of all by his family.

Fredrik Segerfeldt
Friend and colleague of Johnny?s for many years

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