Advisory Board

Victoria Curzon-Price. Professor, University of Geneva. Former President of Mont Pelerin Society.

Gunvor Engström. CEO, Bank2. Former Managing Director of the Federation of Private Enterprises in Sweden.

Hannes Gissurarson. Professor, University of Iceland. Former Adviser to the Prime Minister of Iceland.

Gunnar Hökmark. Member of the European Parliament, vice Chairman of the EPP-ED group.

Roger Kerr. Executive Director, New Zealand Business Round Table.

John Meadowcroft. Ph D, King’s College, London. Deputy Editor, Economic Affairs.

Bob McTeer. Distinguished Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis. Former President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Ivan Miklos. Deputy Chairman, Slovak Democratic and Christian Union. Former Minister of Finance of Slovakia.

Daniel J Mitchell. Ph D, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Washington, DC.

Jens Spendrup. CEO of Spendrups Brewery. Member of the Board of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Andrew Stuttaford. Contributing Editor, National Review Online.

Jeroen Tas. Vice Chairman, MphasiS. Vice President, Business Operations for Applications Services, EDS Corporation.

Mats Qviberg. CEO, the Öresund Group.