01/12/2011 08:55:37 - Publishing House

Munkhammar Advisory has started a new branch - a publising house. It will publish books of various kinds, such as children's books with excitement and room for thought, as well as books for everyone that deepens the analysis or are just plain fun.

- The first book is due in just one week, says Managing Director Johnny Munkhammar. Will be very interesting to se how it is received. A new publising house of course has to fight to get into the market, but we can distribute in every channel.

08/10/2010 11:13:05 - Member of Parliament

In the general elections in Sweden, the centre-right government was re-elected with a broader support than before. The main party, the Moderates, had a great success, and was an inch from becoming the biggest Party in Parliament. In this election, Johnny Munkhammar was also elected a Member of Parliament.

- Two years ago, I decided to be a candidate, says Johnny Munkhammar. This is now a fact, and now the work starts. I will aim to contribute to the reform agenda with all my energy and experience, concludes Munkhammar.

The activity in Munkhammar Advisory will decrease substantially during Mr Munkhammar's period as an MP.

01/09/2010 11:27:37 - Candidate for Parliament

On the 19th of September, Sweden holds general elections. Johnny Munkhammar is a candidate for Parliament for the Moderate Party. It is likely that he will be a Member of Parliament from October, but every election contains uncertainties.

- I am devoting substatial time and effort to the election campaign now, says Johnny Munkhammar. We want success for the Moderate party, continued majority for the governming Alliance - and personal support for me. This is essential for Sweden's opportunities to continue reforming.

31/05/2010 22:50:48 - Back in Business!

Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director, is back full time since a few weeks. Activity is back on its previous level. The treatments against cancer were successfully conducted and will be evaluated. But so far, so good.

- I am very happy to be back, comments Johnny Munkhammar. In an upcoming book, I will also tell the story more in detail, and elaborate on what I have learned about life, priorities and health care.

06/12/2009 20:52:07 - Lower activity

At the end of a second successful year, with a turnover at SEK 2 million (EUR 200 000), activity has been slowing. The reason is that Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director, has received the diagnosis cancer. As a consequence, he will devote less time to work during the treatments, scheduled to continue until March 2010.

- It was shocking news, comments Johnny Munkhammar. But I am determined to win this fight and return full time next spring.

03/09/2009 09:03:03 - New Book: Yes, Europe Can!

Johnny Munkhammar has written a new book, together with Stefan Fölster. It is published by the European Enterprise Institute.

It is an optimistic book about Europe's future, fact-filled but accessible. We are used to hearing about Europe sliding behind the US, that "euroscleroris" keeps a tight grip, and that soon, the Chinese or Indians will take over. The book counters this, with many facts and figures.

- In fact, Europe has been the world's leading reform area during the past decade, and has created a single market for 500 million people, says Johnny Munkhammar. We should be set for success when we leave the recession.

More about the book, which will be presented on September 10, at

17/12/2008 08:54:09 - A Successful Year Ends

The first year for Munkhammar Advisory soon ends. During the year, there have been 23 clients, and revenues exceeded SEK 2 million (200 000 euro). Four publications were launched in the new series. Numerous speeches, media appearences, op-eds, columns and publications for clients were also part of this year. The success was celebrated at a Champagne reception in the cocktail bar at Hotell Diplomat in Stockholm with clients, colleagues and friends.

- I am especially happy for the successful first year because this is a company with a purpose, we work to change society, said Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director, as he thanked everyone for their efforts. We have contributed in many ways to the values of free enterprise, free economy and an open society.

This week, Johnny Munkhammar’s new book – A Different Welfare Society Is Possible (in Swedish only so far) – is presented, order it here.


23/09/2008 16:13:39 - Munkhammar Research Director at EEI

The European Enterprise Institute (EEI) is currently launching an expansion of its activities to promote free enterprise and free competition. A new publications series will be the intellectual core of far-reaching opinion-making efforts. In this context the EEI appoints Johnny Munkhammar as its Research Director to structure and execute the new activities.

The new publications series will focus on promoting the idea of free competition throughout European societies. Europe is in a great need of increased economic freedom in many areas, and the first publications will focus on health care, financial markets, trade, services, innovation and enlargement. They will be academically well-founded yet accessible.

- We are very pleased to expand the activities of the institute and happy that Mr Munkhammar has accepted to be responsible for this task, comments Peter Jungen, Chairman of the Board of the EEI. Europe has to become more entrepreneurial if it wants to be successful in the best interest of its citizens.

- With the new activities lead by Mr Munkhammar, the EEI can assume a leading role in inspiring policymakers in Brussels and in the European debate to launch more free-market reforms, comments Gunnar Hökmark, Vice Chairman of the Board of the EEI.

- I am very happy to have been asked to do this and I look forward to all parts of this important task, comments Johnny Munkhammar. It is of great importance that the EU becomes pro-enterprise and –competition and we will contribute to that.

Johnny Munkhammar will devote a share of his time to the EEI and will be in Brussels at least once a month, but will continue to devote most of the time to developing Munkhammar Advisory and overseeing the various client accounts.


03/09/2008 15:53:07 - Munkhammar Speeches

Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director, is scheduled to participate in a number of major international arrangements during Fall.

He will participate in the annual meeting with Mont Pelerin Society in Tokyo. Speakers include Nobel Laureate Gary Becker and Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

Munkhammar will speak at the Summer University of the European Ideas Network in Fiuggi, Italy. The list of speakers also include Francois Fillon, French Prime Minister, and Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister.

Speeches are also scheduled in Tbilisi - at the European Resource Bank - and in Gran Canaria, Oslo and Stockholm.

07/07/2008 11:49:16 - Six Months With Munkhammar Advisory

The first six months with Munkhammar Advisory have been a success. This was celebrated with a cocktail reception at Gotland's Brewery, at the first day of the Week of Politics in Visby. Despite the rain, many people showed up.

During the first six months, there have been 7 500 visitors at this web page, five employees in various projects, 15 clients, three publications in the new series - and a turnover of SEK 1,1 million (EUR 120 000).

- This company was started with the intention to work for the ideas of free enterprise and a free economy, using the shape of a company, comments Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director. I know that our work matters for society, and I aim towards further expansion in the near future.

A few pictures from the Cocktail Reception can be seen here.

15/06/2008 23:32:00 - Health Care Reform in the Netherlands

On the 11th of June, Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director of Munkhammar Advisory, presented a study published by the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The topic was the far-reaching health care reform in the Netherlands, where consumers now have a choice of health care insurance in the market, and its possible lessons for other countries. The seminar was well attended and there was an op-ed in one of the leading newspapers, Göteborgs-Posten.

- The study shows that reform is possible also in health care, says Johnny Munkhammar. And though the reform was launched only a few years ago, there are already positive signs, such as lower prices, active choices and increased competition. The health care system is now market-based, but also meets important criteria such as universal coverage and solidarity with those with the greatest health problems.

Read more about the publication here (in Swedish).

24/04/2008 03:18:14 - Munkhammar Advisory Publications

Today, Munkhammar Advisory presented the first publication in a new series. The purpose is to add facts and new perspectives on issues of importance for society. The aim is that the publications shall be of use for decision-makers as well as analysts and opinion-makers. In the end, the aim is to influence society.


Munkhammar Advisory offers objective analysis, strategic advice and winning arguments. This will be reflected in the publications and in their direction towards ideas and initiatives for progress and prosperity. Publications may be produced together with clients.


The first publication is written by Stefan Karlsson, who has had several positions in the international financial business. It is called “It’s the Capital, Stupid!”. This publication is, however, only published in Swedish for Swedish target-groups. English-speaking publications are forthcoming.


This publication concerns the decisive role of capital in the economy, which is quite relevant during this rather intense debate about financial markets. Stefan Karlsson shows the importance of “real capitalists” and criticizes those that want more government intervention in the economy.


- The new publications are a channel of communication which adds to the company infrastructure, comments Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director. We want to reach relevant people with new messages on hot topics, in an accessible format, written by highly skilled authors.


All publications can be downloaded from this web, under “Publications”.



01/03/2008 15:12:49 - Staff!



A growing team of experts are contracted by Munkhammar Advisory to conduct various tasks such as research and writing in different projects for clients. These are the talented people currently employed:


Nima Sanandaji is the Managing Director of Captus, a think-tank. He is an engineer in bio technology from Chalmers University. He is now a researcher with The Royal Institute of Technology, previously with Cambridge University. Mr Sanandaji has written several studies and papers about labour market policy and education policy, and has had several hundred op-eds published in newspapers.


Maria Eriksson holds a MSc in computer science and a BA in philosophy, both from Uppsala University, Sweden. After a short period as a programmer, she started her career as an editorial writer. Ms Eriksson has mainly worked for Swedish newspapers, but has also been published in a number of magazines. She is currently a free lance writer and a columnist for Smålandsposten.


Karl Malmqvist is a student at the Stockholm School of Economics, focusing on economics. He is active in the Youth Organisation of the Centre Party. He has written several publications, such as recently “Vad Rättvisemärkt inte berättar” (Timbro). Blog:


Jon Millarp has studied political science, economics and philosophy at the universities of Uppsala and Stockholm. He has worked for a media technology company, as a salesman of stock market funds and in public health care. Blog:


- I am very happy both that the business is growing well and that my company manages to attract very interesting and skilled people, comments Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director.


10/02/2008 11:40:58 - Take-off!

Little more than one month has passed since Munkhammar Advisory took off full time. Last week, the number of clients reached a new level by becoming more than ten. Services range from analyses and strategic advice to speeches and contributions to publications. Several external experts are contracted to providing top-level services.

- I am of course very happy with the level of demand, comments Mr Munkhammar, Managing Director. This is a promising start and the focus is to ensure the high quality and efficiency while further expanding the business.

01/02/2008 14:23:04 - Editorial writer

The Swedish monthly business magazine Entrepreneur, with a circulation of some 60 000, today published its first edition in 2008. It contains an editorial article and a column by Johnny Munkhammar, who participates in the editorial work from now on.

20/01/2008 23:16:38 - Lectures!

The speaking schedule for early 2008 is shaping up for Mr Munkhammar. He is rapidly being booked at events in Sweden, Europe and the US.

In Sweden the coming weeks, he will speak for businessmen, politicians and journalists at events in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Örebro, Umeå, Lund and Malmö. Topics are mostly related to the need for free-market reforms and future welfare services. 

There is also a series of international events coming up. Mr Munkhammar is scheduled to visit Copenhagen, Brussels, Oslo, Washington DC and Tblisi to be the key note speaker at events hosted by leading institutes. They will be related to the new book "The Guide to Reform".

13/12/2007 19:13:01 - Hill & Knowlton Partner

Hill & Knowlton, the global PR agency, initiates a Partner Programme. The first person to be part of the Programme is Johnny Munkhammar, Managing Director of Munkhammar Advisory, Ltd. He will work with Public Affairs issues. This adds to several previous affiliations with institutes like Centre For European Poilicy Analysis and Timbro.

- Hill & Knowlton is a very interesting company with a broad international base, says Johnny Munkhammar. Among other things, I hope that I will be able to contribute with insights about how business leaders can convince politicians about reforms – and how policymakers can achieve change.

Read more here:

04/12/2007 23:12:15 - New Company!

Today is the official release of Munkhammar Advisory, Ltd. From January 1st, 2008, Johnny Munkhammar ends his employment at Timbro. Instead, he will be the Managing Director of the new company.

- I will be an “entrepreneur in ideas”, comments Johnny Munkhammar. There is a demand for efforts to promote progress and prosperity. That may concern analyses of the global economy, reform ideas for politicians, or strategic advice for business leaders.

The company provides services to a number of clients, including governments, organisations, corporations and institutes. Munkhammar Advisory, Ltd, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but clients are located in Sweden as well as in other countries. The aim is that the company shall expand with time. Several experts are already contracted to assist in research work.

- This will be a dynamic role of variation, says Johnny Munkhammar. The company will provide professional analyses, advice and arguments for clients. This independent platform might also reinforce my presence in the public debate.

Mr Munkhammar is currently promoting his new book “The Guide to Reform” in Europe, the United States and Australia. He can be reached at + 46 708 87 64 66.