Curriculum Vitae

Johnny Munkhammar

Born: 24th of September 1974

Civil status: Married, one child

Professional Experience

2008- Munkhammar Advisory. Managing Director
2005-2008 Timbro. Program Director
2002-2005 Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Senior Policy Advisor
1999-2002 Gullers Group Consultancy. Senior Advisor in Public Affairs, Partner
1998-1999 Federation of Swedish Industry. Economic Policy Expert
1997 and 1998 Nerikes Allehanda. Editorial Writer
1994 Yes to Europe. Debater and Writer for Swedish EU Membership
1993-1997 Gotlands Tidningar. Editorial Writer


- M. A. in Social Sciences. Uppsala University. Major in Political Science. Minors: Economics, Economic History, Conflict Research and Rhetoric
- Sergeant in the Swedish Navy. Military Service
- School and High School in Visby, Gotland, Sweden


- Author of five books:
Människorna, marken och makten (Timbro 2002) – in Swedish
Inför euron! Behåll kronan! (With Ursula Berge, Pocky, 2003) – in Swedish
Sagan om välfärdens återkomst (Hjalmarson & Högberg 2004) – in Swedish
European Dawn (Timbro/Stockholm Network 2005) – in English
The Guide to Reform (Timbro/Institute of Economic Affairs 2007) – in English

- Contributed to several other books, for example with chapters:
Development Models, Globalization and Economics (Palgrave Macmillan 2006) – in English
Beyond the European Social Model (Open Europe 2006) – in English
Sänkt skatt är möjlig (Timbro 2006) in Swedish
2007 Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal 2007) – in English

- Author of several reports, papers and other studies, such as: Så lyckas flera västeuropeiska länder med jobben (Timbro Briefing Paper 2006) – in Swedish
Allt utom det som fungerar (Timbro 2006) in Swedish
What Competition Has Done For Europe (European Enterprise Institute 2007) – in English

- Published at least 500 articles, op-eds and columns in most leading international dailies and magazines and regularly in leading Swedish media; list from 2004 at


2007- Associate Scholar, Center for European Policy Analysis, Washington, DC
2007- Member of the Advisory Board of Captus
2005-2006 Member of the Board of the Committee for the Public Property of Stockholm City
2003-2005 Member of the Board of Stockholmshem
2002-2004 Member of the Editorial Board of Liberal Debate
1999-2001 Advisor for Society and Defence
1996-1999 Member of the Board and Treasurer of the Youth Organisation of the Liberal Party
1995 and 1999 Candidate in the Elections to the European Parliament for the Liberal Party


- Member of the Society of Economists and the Center for Business and Policy Studies.
- Columnist in Entreprenör and broad experience from international media
- Frequent speaker at universities, international conferences, seminars, embassies and congresses
- Member of several international groups and networks dedicated to research, education and opinion-making
- Leisure activities include family time, traveling, cooking, jogging, water sports and whisky tasting