Selected Lectures

ING, Client Conference, The need for reforms in Europe, The Hague

Center for Business and Policy Studies, Seminar, The social model, Brussels

Heritage Foundation, Seminar, The need for reforms in Europe, Washington, DC

European Ideas Network, Conference, European competitiveness, Brussels

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Seminar, The social model and reforms, Stockholm

Instituto Bruno Leoni, Lunch Meetings, The need for reforms, Milan and Rome

Galen Institute, Lunch Seminar, Health Care and Markets, Washington, DC

European Resource Bank, Global Conference, The need for labour market reforms, Vienna

Trinity College, Debate Forum, European integration, Dublin

Cato Institute, Policy Forum, The Nordic countries and reforms, Washington, DC

Assemblée Nationale, Conference, The social model, Paris

European Enterprise Institute, Seminar, The social model, Brussels

Höyre, Conference, The social model and need for reforms, Oslo

Schindler Group, Global Management Meeting, Need for reforms, Zürich

Global Insight, 2007 World Economic Outlook Conference, Globalisation and the need for reforms, Paris

National Centre for Policy Analysis, Annual Retreat Conference, Europe’s need for reform, Rome

M A Stefanik Institute, Conference, The Nordic countries, Bratislava

Delta Lloyd and SEO Amsterdam, Conference, Globalisation and reforms, Amsterdam